Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Celluloid #28

In Theater

Boy (Shonen) (1969) Oshima - Oshima films are a little difficult to come by, so I was excited to see that the PFA is showing several of his films this month. Boy is a bizarre film about a family in which the mother and the older son both try to get hit by cars in order to claim insurance money or payoffs. This is the sole means of income for the family, but the father, especially, likes to spend money like he has a lot. Sometimes "Boy" also likes to pretend he is an alien and a few times he tries to run away without success. The film is really beautiful, interspersing black and white scenes and occasional monochromatic shots. The scenes in Hokkaido (in the snow) are really lovely. It's also worth mentioning that the music was composed by a Japanese avant-garde artist and is quite striking. 4.5/5

In Home

Aliens (1986) Cameron - The original was far superior, and Cameron just has to get those one liners in...Ripley is found 57 years later and her company questions whether the aliens really existed. Bill Paxton is a douchebag. Paul Reiser is an even bigger douchebag. Ripley agrees to return to the hostile planet to destroy the aliens and figure out what happened to the colony who had settled there. Lots of rehashed bits from last time, but still a worthwhile sequel. 3.5/5

Eastern Promises (2007) Cronenberg - A young unidentified Russian girl dies giving birth. The midwife comes across the girl's diary and wants to get in translated in order to find clues to locate relatives. The diary is connected to some shady dealings with the Russian mafia leading to a ridiculously violent ending. 3.5/5

Europa Europa (1990) Holland - Solomon is Jewish and has to flee Poland at the outbreak of WW2. He loses his brother and is sent to a youth camp for Stalin communist youth where he becomes indoctrinated. When the Russians are attacked, Solly has to lie to save his life and claims he is a purebred German. All the while, having to keep his circumcised penis hidden...3.5/5

Shock Corridor (1963) Fuller - A reporter on the hunt for a Pulitizer Prize gets himself admitted to a mental institute in order to solve a murder. Unfortunately, the crazies begin to rub off on Johnny and he starts to believe that his girlfriend is really his sister whom he has impure thoughts about. She approves shock treatment therapy. 3.5/5

In News

*John Krasinski (aka Jim from "The Office") has directed and reportedly acts in a film version of David Foster Wallace's Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

*Michael Winterbottom has new film being released very shortly called Genova

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