Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Celluloid #41

In Theatres

Hunger (2008) McQueen -The true story of Bobby Sands, an imprisoned member of the IRA, who led a hunger strike in protest against British occupation and inhumane treatment of prisoners. This is McQueen's debut feature, previously known for his work as a visual artist, so to say the least, the shots and images are quite arresting. Hunger is incredibly visceral and terribly hard to watch at times. Blood, shit, emaciation dominate the screen; nearly a week later, and many scenes still creep into my idle thoughts. 4.5/5

In Home

Dark City (1998) Proyas - Inspiration for the Matrix but tapping into a Metropolis stylization. Humanity's memories are being stolen and fabricated so that an alien species can survive and discover what makes someone "human." Meanwhile, our protagonist is accused of murder. There's a pretty silly mind battle and Kiefer Sutherland uses a bizarre cadence in speaking, but as a sci-fi noir, I had no major complaints. 4/5

Predator (1987) McTiernan - Classic 80s action film where skilled fighters are sent to the jungle on a rescue mission. Instead they are attacked by a chameleon-like creature that can turn invisible yet totally fatal. With Schwarznegger and Jesse Ventura, masculinity abounds, dialogue gets campy, and it doesn't fail to deliver the expected amount of fire/explosions. 4/5

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008) Allen - So after seeing Match Point and this film, I guess I can say that I'm a fan of recent Woody Allen output. Vicky and Cristina embark on a summer in Spain where they meet a sexy and passionate painter. The girls differ a lot on their expectations of love. Vicky is engaged; Cristina is looking for a less traditional path. This sexy painter propositions the girls to a weekend of eating, drinking, and lovemaking and their reactions are in alignment with the character traits we have been introduced to. Cristina moves in with the painter and his ex-wife becomes part of the equation. I could have done without the voice over narration, but otherwise appreciated the directions the film takes. 4/5

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