Thursday, June 3, 2010

Celluloid #85

In Home

Un Chien Andalou (1929) Bunuel & Dali - Famous short film where eyeballs are sliced. Actually, these seventeen minutes are full of cool old school effects, and even a little shocking today, so I can only imagine the scandal it caused when it came out. 4.5/5

Divorce, Italian Style (1961) Germi - Fefe has had it with his overbearing, overaffectionate wife. Mind you, he's a creep who has feelings for his seventeen year old niece. Anyway, he finds out that "crimes of passion" can get one basically excused from spending much time in jail for murder. He fantasizes constantly about ways to kill his wife and eventually seeks out a man to cuckold of him --all too successfully. 4/5

Schindler's List (1993) Spielberg - Oskar Schindler begins as a greedy businessman who belongs to the Nazi Party. He decides he can make more profits by exploiting cheap Jewish labor supplied by the newly erected ghetto. Over the years, he develops bonds with some of his workers and devises a way to keep them out of the deadliest concentration camps. This was the first time I had ever seen this film and I found it a bit overrated and surprisingly not tear-jerking. Black and white was obviously used to convey a sense of gravity, but I thought the occasional items in color were pretty cheesy. 3.5/5 

35 Shots of Rum (2007) Denis - A man and his grown daughter are very close. Each seems to struggle with being black and getting older. When one of the neighbors leaves, everyone else in the building gets really depressed and introspective. Josephine confirms that Gabrielle, another neighbor, has feelings towards her dad. Light on plot, heavy on mood. 3.5/5

Youth of the Beast (1963) Suzuki - Silly '60s gangster film with cool clothes, hip music, and snazzy hookers. An ex-cop gets involved with a gang in order to exact revenge for an old co-worker. He also has to find the gang boss's "Sixth Mistress", rumored to run a call girl ring and kill her or risk his own death. 4/5

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