Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Celluloid #88

In Theaters

the Killer Inside Me (2010) Winterbottom - Casey Affleck essentially reprises his role from the Assassination of Jesse James.., but he's so good at playing the soft-spoken creep. Graphically violent, but maintains the feeling of Jim Thompson's novel. All around the acting is pretty strong, including Jessica Alba- even though half her performance involves getting her face bashed in. 4/5

Micmacs (2010) Jeunet - Silly, silly movie about a bunch of misfits who essentially start an arms war between two rival weapons companies. One is responsible for the bomb that killed Bazil's dad; the other for manufacturing the bullet lodged in his brain. Aesthetically, Jeunet is recognizable and enjoyable, however, this movie was not his best since it felt like watching a live-action cartoon. His other films always incorporate quirk and silliness, but there's usually another genre or element to add substance. 3.25/5

Winter's Bone (2010) Granik - White trash mountain people are so in! Ree is 17, raising her two younger siblings, tending to her mentally unstable mother, and tending their house when the local sheriff informs her that the house was put up as part of her father's bail. If he doesn't show up for court, then their little family will be homeless. Her dad has been absent most of her life, but especially in recent months, so tracking him down becomes quite a problem. 4/5

In Home

the General (1927) Bruckman - Keaton is not nearly as funny as Chaplin in this Civil War film where "Johnny Gray" is essentially trying to impress Annabelle by enlisting in th Army. A lot of the scenes take place on his train, and the scenery is quite beautiful. However, the story gets a little tiresome since it's really just Johnny chasing or being chased by other soldiers on a train all day. I will say that a one really cool image exists involving a train on a burning bridge. 3.5/5

My Night at Maud's (1969) Rohmer - Kinda boring film where two men run into each other after not seeing one another for 14 years. One is a devout Catholic (but still sleeps with women) and the other agnostic. The two spend Christmas with the agnostic's friend Maud. Maud and the Catholic have a love connection and spend most of the film philosophizing about religion and love. 3/5

Pepe le Moko (1936) Duvivier - For two years, the cops have been trying to capture the notorious thief and gangster, Pepe le Moko. Not only is he a criminal, but he's pretty rotten to his girlfriend and drops her when a Parisian girl enters the picture on her vacation to the Casbah. People who pretend to be Pepe's friends try to set him up to get caught by the police. Basically, he can't trust anyone, and he really wants to see the Parisian girl before she heads back to France. 3.5/5

V for Vendetta (2006) McTeigue - I don't know why I expected anything different, but this film was TERRIBLE. V is seeking revenge on those who have played a negative role in his life, but somehow he's doing it in the name of revolution against the government. Natalie Portman plays "Evey" and her character is incredibly stupid. Why does she go along with everything so easily? Maybe this film is supposed to be a warning against religious extremism, and I would have been fine to go along with that, except the love story is too ridiculous, the lines wooden and cheesy, and basically I felt like I had wasted a couple hours of my life. 1/5

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