Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Celluloid #95

In Theaters

the American (2010) Corbijn - Basically a James Bond archetype, but with artsier prettier scenery, little dialogue, and slower pacing. George Clooney plays Jack, a weapons craftsman who works for some international entity and seems pretty lonely. He spends most of time working out with his shirt off and trying to date prostitutes. The film does a good job of ratcheting up the paranoia, but seems like it will be totally forgettable. 3/5

Machete (2010) Rodriguez - Awesome. While the film doesn't stray too far from Rodriguez's El Mariachi Desperado storyline and tropes, I couldn't help but enjoy the bloodshed and hot but far from helpless ladies (who all have to make out with Danny Trejo at some point). Michelle Rodriguez is the best and I really liked Lindsay Lohan in her trashy/gaggy role. 4/5

In Home

Son of Rambow (2007) Jennings - Two English boys become friends of sorts. One is the son of a strict religious mother; the other barely has any adult supervision and just tries to please his older brother. It's the 1980s and together the boys try to make their own Rambo-style movie. Perhaps a bit too cutesy in my opinion. 3.5/5

Whip It (2009) Barrymore - Cute movie about a 17 year-old named Bliss who's having a hard time with her mother's domestic expectations and beauty pageants. She finds an outlet in roller derby, but has to keep it a secret. Most of the film follows your typical sports storyline and includes a teenage romance, but in both instances a nice "girl power" agenda for empowerment dominates, and really I'm a sucker for that. 3.5/5

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