Saturday, November 20, 2010

Celluloid #102

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Dead Alive (1992) Jackson - An overbearing mother tries to prevent her adult son from dating, and in her nosy efforts, gets bitten by an evil rat-monkey that transforms her into a zombie-like creature. The special effects are over-the-top and totally silly. The horror is gross-out rather than scary and can easily be lumped into the same category of much of Sam Raimi's horror films. In my opinion, the film starts out as really fun, but towards the end as the body count rises and the bloodfest is unrelenting, I started getting pretty bored. 3/5

Happy Together (1997) Wong - A gay couple wants to start over, so they leave Hong Kong for Argentina, but promptly break up on a failed roadtrip to Iguazu Falls. Fai gets a job as a doorman, while Wing starts working as a prostitute. After Wing gets badly beaten up, Fai takes care of him opening another chapter in their tumultuous and often painful relationship. Strikingly beautiful, as one would expect from Wong Kar-wai. 4/5

House of the Devil (2009) West - Horror film done in throwback 80s style. Samantha needs money quick and decides to take a babysitting job. When she arrives, Samantha discovers that she won't actually be watching a kid, but rather the elderly mother-in-law. Needless to say, things get weird and scary as the night progresses. This film is actually really stylish, combining Argento and Hitchcock shots with the 1980s. The soundtrack is really great and overall the film is fun and not too jumpy. 4/5 

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Fowl Ideas said...

The sort of psychotic woman you described in "Dead Alive" is remarkably common. Alfred Hitchcock created Norman Bates when he understood the effect that a demasculating, domineering woman has on her male offspring.