Friday, May 27, 2011

Celluloid #118

In Home

Blow Out (1981) De Palma - Basically a poor man's the Conversation, but still a really enjoyable viewing. John Travolta plays Jack Terry, a sound man for shitty horror films, who also happens to have a guilty conscience for a wiring mishap that occurred while he was working with an undercover detective. One night while recording sound, he witnesses a car drive off a bridge. The accident results in the death of the governor, but Jack manages to save the girl in the car and unwittingly uncovers a larger conspiracy. 4/5 [good]

the Long Good Friday (1980) Mackenzie - Bob Hoskins plays a big shot in the London mob scene. He's trying to make a deal with some American businessmen so that he can eventually get out of the game. Meanwhile the IRA keeps bombing stuff and the cops are totally corrupt, so Harold has a hard time convincing anyone that he wants to be legit and keeping the gang's deals in order. Helen Mirren is really great as Victoria, the girlfriend. Not very action-packed, but still a good crime drama. 4/5 [good]

Thieves Like Us (1974) Altman - Three guys escape from prison during the Depression. They commit a string of bank robberies and hide out with relatives or in small towns. They all amass a reasonable amount of wealth, and two of them even find ladies to settle down with. However, one by one, they eventually reach the end of their good luck streak. 4/5 [good]

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Roman said...

do, Blow Out is just Blow Up, but with sound?