Sunday, March 4, 2012

Celluloid #144

In Home

Andromeda Strain (1971) Wise - Unexpectedly, everyone in a small town in New Mexico dies mysteriously. The only two survivors are a baby and an old drunkard. Scientists are brought in to figure out what kind of virus or organism is causing this level of destruction. The lab is complicated and retro and there's always worry that they will have to self-destruct to prevent further contamination. The best example of 1970s sci-fi. 4/5

Fallen Angels (1995) Wong - One of Wong Kar-Wai's earlier films. Follows three main characters, all of which don't seem to have names. There's the assassin who shoots up businesses. Then his female business    partner who also has unrequited feelings for him. Lastly, the mute guy who has strange after hours activities of taking over businesses while they are closed and forcing potential customers into doing uncomfortable or scary things until they offer him money. He also falls in love and spends time with his elderly father. I don't really understand what this film is all about, but I enjoy watching typical Wong Kar-Wai's colors and aesthetics. 3.5/5

Suzanne's Career (1963) Rohmer - Guillaume and Bertrand are best friends. Guillaume makes a game of going to beds with girls. Bertrand is shy, unlucky in love, and often despises the girls who cave too easily with Guillaume. Suzanne is Guillaume's latest conquest. Guillaume bores of her quickly, but then the boys decide to take advantage of her free-spirit and willingness to spend money on them. Bertrand feels a little bad about it and even falls a little for her. A portrayal of complicated relationships. 3.5/5

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