Saturday, July 7, 2012

Celluloid #151 (Rapid Fire Edition)

I have gotten so far behind, that I'm just going to spit out all of the movies that I've watched in the last month with even shorter synopses than hopes that I'll be able to get it together to get back on track soon!

In Theaters

Alps (2012) Lanthimos - Follow-up by the director of Dogtooth. Centers around a group of people who  offer to "act" as replacements for the recently deceased to help their families grieve. However, their own identities become quite muddled. Absurd, extremely dark humor. 3.5/5

First Position (2012) Kargman - Documentary about ballet dancers competing in the Youth America Grand Prix. 3.5/5

Lola Versus (2012) Wein - Lola has been dumped by her fiance three weeks before her wedding. She copes by sleeping with her ex's best friend, trying to date around, moping around the with a message I support, but played too on the nose for my taste. 2/5

Magic Mike (2012) Soderbergh - Mike is a construction worker by day and a male stripper by night. Alex is a dumb 19 year-old who can't keep it together at the construction site, so Mike decides to take him under his wing and introduce him to his other professional life. I could care less about all the beefcake, but Channing Tatum's dancing is great and all together this movie made me smile. 4/5

Moonrise Kingdom (2012) Anderson - New Wes Anderson about two pre-teens who fall in love and runaway together causing the community to band together to find them. 4/5

Prometheus (2012) Scott - Unnecessary prequel to Alien. A group of scientists go searching for the origins of life and receive a violent welcome upon their arrival. 3.5/5

To Die For (1995) Van Sant - It's been a long time since I've seen this classic Van Sant...PFA was doing a screening. Suzanne is ambitious about working her way into television. She has a small gig as the weathergirl for a local channel, and starts taking on investigative projects, particularly examining the lives' of adolescents. She begins to feel that her marriage is holding her back, so she convinces some of her subjects to do some dirty work for her. 4.5/5

Your Sister's Sister (2012) Shelton - Jack is still grieving the death of his brother. His best friend Iris sends him to stay at her family's cabin, but when he arrives, Iris' sister Hannah is already occupying the residence, reeling from her own personal drama. The two hit it off, creating an awkward love triangle. 3/5

In Home

Bronson (2008) Refn - Stylish biopic of England's most violent prisoner. 4/5

Talk to Her (2002) Almodovar - One of the first Almodovar movies I ever saw and still one of my favorites. One man loses his lover in a bullfight. He meets another man who works as a nurse in the hospital, but that man has a creepy love affair with one of the patients in a coma. 5/5

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