Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Celluloid #61

In Home

Boulevard Nights (1979) Pressman - We have now moved into the "cholo movies" portion of my film class. This movie was notable for employing Latino actors and for being one of the first Hollywood depictions of Latino-Americans (after West Side Story). Stereotypes surrounding gangs and car clubs abound, but overall not very offensive. It reminded me of a shorter, toned-down version of Blood In, Blood Out. 3.5/5

the Dark Crystal (1982) Oz - I'm not sure who exactly this movie was intended for...while it features a land of puppets and the aesthetic of 1980s kid movies, it's too boring and confusing for most children to enjoy. There are only two Gelflings left and they need to reunite a shard with the rest of its crystal before the three suns converge, or else they face extinction. Too bad the Gelflings are bland and a little dumb to really root for. 3/5

Labyrinth (1986) Henson - Jennifer Connelly plays a RenFayre obsessed teenager who wishes that the goblins would take her baby brother away...and they do. The only way she can rescue him is by completing a giant maze in 13 hours. Along the way she learns to ask straightforward questions and to stop taking things for granted. David Bowie and his oft-cited package do not disappoint. 4/5  

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