Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Celluloid #62

In Home

the Adventures of Mark Twain (1985) Vinton - A really cool and weird claymation representation of some of Mark Twain's stories. There are a couple scenes involving Adam and Eve and a bizarro vignette with "Death" on an island in space. Meanwhile, Mark Twain and his creations, Tom, Huck, and Becky are aboard an airship trying to catch Halley's Comet. 4.5/5

the Crying Game (1992) Jordan - A member of the IRA is keeping a British soldier hostage. Captor and Captive actually become friends when Jody (the hostage) asks his kidnapper to check on his girlfriend if anything happens to him. Tragedy strikes and Fergus (the IRA member) keeps his word. He ends up falling in love with Jody's girlfriend, when a pretty infamous revelation occurs. This film has a lot more going on than I imagined. 4/5

Jacob's Ladder (1990) Lyne - Jacob keeps having hallucinations and vivid nightmares. The narrative switches between his time stationed in Vietnam, the present day, and time spent with his family several years earlier. This film incorporates interesting visuals, some Biblical touchstones, and gets off on being mind-bending, however, the ending is such a disappointing cop-out. 3/5

the Neverending Story (1984) Petersen - When I was a kid, I remember watching two movies over and over again: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and the Neverending Story. Around the age of 12, I abruptly stopped watching either...Anyway, 15 years later, I still love Falcor, the racing slugs, the Rock Biter, and how dark this movie is for children. The "Nothing", or a tangible lack of hope, is a feeling that persists for many into adulthood, and I love that this movie champions a humanism that can overcome despair. 5/5

Zoot Suit (1981) Valdez - A musical play about cholos in the 1940s, filmed entirely within the walls of the Palladium in Los Angeles...sound like a bad idea? It is. Really cheesy. Edward James Olmos plays a mystical "pachuco" devil-on-your-shoulder figure and Tyne Daly makes me cringe. 1.5/5

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Jonathan Pierce said...

How did you find the Adventures of Mark Twain? I hate you. No I don't. But I kind of do. The weird one with Satan as the archangel (Lucifer...?) anyway, is from a Short story called the visitor. You should read it. It's set in the 15 hundreds in Austria. WHOA!