Friday, September 9, 2011

Celluloid #126

Going on a horror binge for the next couple months...

In Home

Carrie (1976) De Palma - So good! Misfit teenager is warped by her religious nut mother. She gets picked on in school for being strange (not to mention telekinetic) and for freaking out about getting her period in the gym shower. Some girls get in trouble for the gym incident and threatened with exclusion from the Prom. One girl has a conscience and convinces her boyfriend to take Carrie to the dance, so that she can have some type of normal experience. However, some of the other girls treat this as an opportunity to play an awful prank. This is a great extreme portrayal of the already horrifying process of adolescence, and mean girls receiving their revenge. 5/5

Children of the Corn (1984) Kiersch - A couple is driving across Nebraska to relocate when they hit a strange boy on the roads surrounded by cornfields. Upon further inspection, they realize that he was already dead due to a slashed throat. They are forced to stop in Gatlin; a small, extremely religious town. Not very populated to begin with, it's even eerier because there are no adults. They've all been killed by a group of culty kids who even sentence their own to death on their 19th birthdays. Campy effects and generally enjoyable creepy story. 4/5

Dawn of the Dead (1978) Romero - Four people get trapped in a mall with zombies. I find both of those things pretty horrifying, and their combination pretty awesome. 4/5

Halloween (1978) Carpenter - The slasher film that created the tropes for all films to follow. Laurie is a brainy teenager who doesn't have much luck with guys. Her two friends, Annie and Linda are sluttier. On Halloween night, Laurie and Annie find themselves babysitting, all though Annie also has plans to hook up with her boyfriend. Meanwhile, the local myth, Michael Myers, has escaped from the mental institute he was locked in 15 years earlier after killing his own babysitter....4.5/5

Onibaba (1966) Shindo - A lady and her daughter-in-law survive war-torn Japan by killing samurais and trading their bodies for grain. Then the son/husband's neighbor returns from war and informs the ladies that their man is dead. The daughter begins an affair with the neighbor. The mother tries to stop them by warning about Hell and demons as punishment for sin. The mother meets a samurai with a demon mask. When he dies, she puts the mask on to really scare the daughter. This movie is really cool looking and totally frantic at times. 4.5/5

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