Friday, September 23, 2011

Celluloid #128

In Theaters

Drive (2011) Refn - Really stylish film where Ryan Gosling plays a nameless stunt car driver/getaway driver for hire. "The Kid" develops a relationship with his young neighbor and her son. When her husband returns from prison, the driver decides to help him reconcile his debt with a "one last job" situation. Technically this is an action film, all though it can be quite deliberately slow-paced, which only serves to ratchet up the tension. While Gosling's character seems a bit of a Christ-archetype, he also represents the scorpion in the famous fable. A complicated hero, but really the strength of this film is the soundtrack, aesthetic, and attitude. 4.5/5

In Home

Martin (1977) Romero - A weirdo teenager thinks he may be a modern-day vampire. He satisfies his bloodlust by drugging young women, raping them, then cutting them with razor blades and drinking their blood. Then a local housewife takes interest in him and they start an affair. For a time, the presence of these fairly normal sexual encounters curbs his need to commit violence. 3/5

the Ruins (2008) Smith - Last summer, my book club read the book that serves as the basis for this film. Both are very silly tales of four friends on vacation in Mexico that encounter some very bad luck on a hike. Out near some Mayan ruins, a sinister vine grows that can kill and even psychologically torment people. The natives will also kill anyone who tries to leave for fear that the vine will spread. Besides the ridiculous premise of killer plants, this film is really gory, relying on squeamish shots to elicit reactions. 2/5

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Tycoon said...

I cannot wait to watch Drive. I found the gory scenes in The Ruins was really well done and the acting wasn't bad, I actually was drawn away from the fact that premise was extremely silly, until I watched it a second time.