Saturday, June 9, 2012

Celluloid #150

In Theaters

Snow White & the Huntsman (2012) Sanders - Updated feminist take on the classic Snow White story. This time we get more of the evil queen Ravenna's backstory - she is basically taught that her power lies within her beauty, and she ends up supernaturally stealing young girls' beauty to keep surviving. Snow White is her stepdaughter that she keeps locked in a tower. Snow White is not only "fairer," but possesses a kind heart and admiration from the animals. Kristen Stewart is not a very good actress and seems to look scared or weepy all of the time, leaving the viewer confused as to why dudes are always falling for her. Something worth watching on the big screen for its visuals. 3.5/5

In Home

Flesh (1968) Morrissey - Jack works as a hustler when he needs some money. His wife wants him to pay for her girlfriend's abortion. This is typical Morrissey/Warhol with interesting or appealing actors in the department of looks, but weird stilted dialogue. Joe Dallessandro is a pleasure to look at; really no big surprise considering his status as a gay icon of masculinity. 3/5

Office Killer (1997) Sherman - Doreen works in an office where she is often under-appreciated. Initially a couple people die accidentally and Doreen takes them home where she sits them on her couch. Then she starts taking a more direct role in staging the murders. There is goofy, outdated technology and delightful roles played by Molly Ringwald, Michael "Christopher" Imperioli, and Jeanne Tripplehorn. 4/5

Tideland (2005) Gilliam - Jeliza Rose cope with her shitty life by immersing herself in fantasy. Right at the beginning, her mother dies from a drug overdose. She and her dad take off for Texas for fear that CPS would take her away with all of the elicit substances in the house. Once they reach her dead grandmother's home in Texas, her dad O.D.s on the first night. Jeliza seems to ignore this reality by dressing her dad up in wigs and make-up. She also plays with four detached Barbie doll heads to create most of the film's dialogue. She befriends a woman who turns out to be connected to her, and develops an inappropriate crush on a retarded boy. The boy has his own variety of issues and often lives in a fantasy where he is the captain of a submarine, and has plans to blow up the "land-shark" aka the nightly train that passes through town. 3.5/5

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