Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Celluloid #149

In Theaters

Polisse (2012) Maiwenn - Watching this felt very much like watching a couple episodes of a French version of "Homicide: Life on the Streets" except these detectives investigate child protective concerns rather than murders. We see a variety of cases - all pretty depressing with many involving some form of molestation. In addition to the cases, we get to see an insight into the detectives' personal lives. Overall, a fairly enjoyable view, and even includes a short dancing sequence, but I really didn't like the ending. 3.5/5

In Home

the Basketball Diaries (1995) Kalvert - Jim's doing heroin. There are many reasons he has gotten to this point - his best friend is dead, his dad isn't around, his mom is a poor nag, his friends huff, and he goes to Catholic school where his coach wouldn't mind touching Jim's dick. The only things that give Jim any reason to live are basketball and writing. The first half is much better than the second. Once Jim has become a total addict, the acting gets a little overwrought and the performance art scenes toward the end made me want to groan. 3/5
Nobody Knows (2005) Koreeda - A mother abandons her four kids in an apartment. Already the younger three have to keep their existence secret, and only the 12 year-old attends school. Once the mom leaves, apparently to start a new life with another man, the kids do all right for a while, withdrawing money from the ATM and getting the surplus from a local grocery store. However, as time passes and none of the bills are paid, utilities begin shutting off and they have no way of getting assistance without fear that Child Protective Services will come and split them up. The film emphasizes mood and imagery and depicts childhood in a way not often seen. 4/5

Red Road (2006) Arnold - A woman who works for the city surveillance crew one day sees on camera the man responsible for killing her family in a car crash many years earlier. Since he has already served his prison sentence, she decides to get him into trouble again by staging a rape of herself. 3.5/5

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