Sunday, May 13, 2012

Test Pattern #11

Homeland (Season 1) - The return of Claire Danes to television, and probably the best debut season to come out in a while. Claire plays Carrie, a gifted CIA officer who believes that a returning POW has been turned by enemy forces. That game of cat and mouse is already compelling on its own, but Carrie's a bit more complicated with her sexual habits and her secret mental illness.

In Treatment (Season 1) - A glimpse inside Dr. Paul Weston's psychology practice. The episodes follow one patient's therapy for each day of the work week, including Paul's own therapy with a colleague, for about 6 weeks. Season 1 has Laura and all of her relationship and transference issues, Alex and his PTSD and father issues, Sophie the teen gymnast and her attempted suicide, and Amy & Jake's crumbling marriage. Meanwhile, Paul is dealing with his own family drama, namely that his wife is having an affair.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Season 4) - Well the gang continues to act badly. Season 4 doesn't offer up anything particularly different, so I would assume that people have decided if they like this show or not by now. I do have to point out that this season contains one of my least favorites episodes - "Who Pooped the Bed?"

New Girl (Season 1) - I really wanted to not like this show. I've been saying that Zooey Deschanel is totally overrated for years - just a cute girl with her stupid cotton commercials. However, after accidentally watching an early episode, and being prepared to hate it, instead I found myself laughing aloud and relating a lot to the characters. I think the show is smart in addressing Zooey's brand of quirk and how it may be off-putting for some, but I also think it has a lot of heart in the interpersonal relationships between all of the roommates.

RuPaul's Drag Race (Season 4) - I think this season may have had the weakest competition yet. There really wasn't a clear frontrunner until the last few episodes. Also, I think the girls were not required to do as much difficult costume construction...previous episodes have made a big deal about who could sew and who couldn't, but that never really came up. I'm happy with the winner, but even she was a queen that I initially didn't like, but really came around to for her sense of humor throughout the season.

Skins UK (Season 5) - I don't think any generation of the Skins cast will be as compelling as the first one. This time we have Franky, an androgynous girl who experienced a lot of bullying at her last school. Matty and Nick, brothers who struggle with each other, but even more so against their father. Mini the bitchy virgin, Liv the slutty one, and Grace the good girl are all best friends. Grace also gets involved with metal rocker Rich. And then there's weirdo Alo. I think it's fair that this show is getting cancelled.

the Voice (Season 2) - Coaches got have twice as many people on their teams to increase show duration (apparently something that NBC needed badly to boost their ratings). The blind auditions were fun again, but during the battle rounds, I think the judges made some really poor choices. Even after many favorites were gone, I still felt compelled to watch. Some other noticeable trends were that America for a while only seemed like it was going to save the men in the competition. Also, Christina seemed to be on quite the bitchy rampage this year. Where last year Adam and Christina seemed to have a sibling type relationship, this year I felt like she made a point to criticize Adam and his final team member at every chance. She also cannot shut up about herself, even when trying to give someone a compliment. I hope she settles down next season.

the Walking Dead (Season 2) - This season immediately correct the problems with the ending of season 1. For most of the season, the group is staying on a farm. The family that still lives there vacillates between being on good or bad terms with Rick and company. There's also a number of shocking deaths, but I was glad that the show went there. 100% better than the previous season.

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Roman said...

Totally agree with you about New Girl. Corinne loved it. I refused to like it. Then it totally won me over to the point that I downloaded the whole first season and giggled in bed like an idiot. It's really funny. Although that season finale was a cheesefest.

Agreed about Walking Dead. MICHONNE FOREVER.