Monday, May 21, 2012

Celluloid #148

In Theaters

the Sound of My Voice (2012) Batmanglij - A journalist (Peter) and his girlfriend (Lorna) are trying to penetrate a cult in order to make an investigative documentary. The cult leader, Maggie, is a young woman who claims to be from the year 2054. She's more of a quiet presence than a big charismatic personality, but her meetings include emotional breakthroughs and puking up apples. This film loves its ambiguity, much to the frustration of some viewers, but I found myself interested the entire time and fine with all of the unanswered questions. 4/5

In Home

Dead Presidents (1995) Hughes Brothers - It's the 1960s and Anthony decides that college isn't for him, so he enlists. After two tours in Vietnam, he returns to meet his daughter and gets sucked into a life of petty crime. Frustrated with the lack of jobs and lack of respect, he gets a crew together for an epic robbery of an armored  vehicle delivering currency to be destroyed. The heist does not go as planned and everyone has to face the consequences. 3/5

the Leopard (1963) Visconti - Old school Italians getting scandalous - love triangles, revolutions, betrayals, etc. Ultimately very forgettable for me despite featuring heartthrob Alain Delon. 3/5

Paper Moon (1973) Bogdanovich - First off - I loved this film. Moze, a 1930s grifter/con man goes to pay his respects at a former lover's funeral. He gets stuck transporting the daughter (presumably his daughter also, all though he denies it) to a relative in another state. Along the way this sassy, cigarette-smoking girl proves herself to be gifted with the skills necessary to con, and the two develop a successful scheme and a surprisingly touching friendship. In addition to the charming story, this film also looks great and I would recommend it to anyone. 5/5

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