Saturday, August 18, 2012

Celluloid #154

In Home

Calendar (1993) Egoyan - Strange little film where most of the time we follow a photographer in Armenia with his wife and a tour guide, taking pictures of historical monuments for a brochure. These scenes are interspersed with evidently present-day scenes where the photographer is on a bunch of dates with various women. All the dates take place at his house, and every time he pours the wine, this becomes the cue for the women to ask to use the phone. Their calls are always in a foreign language (probably Armenian?) and seem to be erotic in content. Once the calls begin, the photographer takes out a notepad and begins writing. 3/5

3-Iron (2004) Kim - We meet a young man who breaks  into peoples' homes while they are on vacation, but instead of robbing them, he cleans things up, maybe takes a bath, looks at photo albums, or masturbates. At one house, it turns out that the wife is still there. It also turns out that she is abused by her husband, and finds herself strangely attracted to this intruder. The young man gets sent to jail, but the connection has already been made. 4/5

Wages of Fear (1953) Clouzot - Some town in Central America is suffering from extreme poverty. A fire breaks out at an oil field where many people have died. A reward is offered to the first truck that can deliver a shipment of nitroglycerin. It's an extremely dangerous job that requires two people per team. The liquid is very flammable and cannot be shaken around too much or it will explode and kill everyone around. Some poor men from the town and a couple of has-been gangsters take the job...but I think you know how this saying ends. 3.5/5

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