Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Celluloid #155

In Theaters

Cosmopolis (2012) Cronenberg - The dialogue is so cold and stiff in this film that initially I hated it. However, after a while I settled into its cadences and decided to view the film more how I treat "cult movies" than as a serious endeavor. Eric spends most of his day in a limo travelling across town to get a haircut. Along the way he eats a couple meals with his wife, has sex with basically every woman who ends up in the car, gets stuck in the middle of a protest involving rats as currency, and even has a prostate exam. 2.5/5

Killer Joe (2012) Friedkin - Quite possibly the blackest black comedy I have ever seen, and the movie that I am most grateful to have gone alone without accompaniment for the screening. Joe is a detective, but works on the side as a killer for hire. This idiot drug dealer, Chris, has his drugs stolen by his mom, and his solution to the problem is that she needs to die in order for him to collect the insurance money to pay off the suppliers. Unfortunately, without the money upfront, Chris is forced to offer up his virginal sister to Joe as a retainer. A total white trash noir full of violence and super depraved sex. 3.5/5

Lawless (2012) Hillcoat - Three brothers live in Franklin County, Virginia during Prohibition. They make a pretty nice living distributing moonshine, benefitting from a local legend that their family is invincible. However, the two older brothers are seemingly tough from birth, while Jack the youngest just doesn't have the same violent streak. The cozy arrangement they have with local law enforcement gets unsettled when a new evil official from Chicago is brought in. He immediately sets his sights on taking the brothers out. There's an annoying voiceover at the beginning and end, but otherwise I really liked this film. 4/5

In Home

the Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) - An alien lands on Earth, but he looks surprisingly human, so he's able to blend in. People at a boarding house take him in. He becomes close with one woman and her son, and also tries to track down a scientist who may be able to help him get back. The main message is that Earthlings need to start making better decisions to avoid war or else they will destroy the entire planet - something definitely on the minds of many in the 1950s. Also, very charming special effects. 3.5/5

A Face in the Crowd (1957) Kazan - Andy Griffith as you've never seen him before! After spending a night in jail for drunken behavior, Lonesome Rhodes gets interviewed and recorded for a local radio station. He gains popularity and eventually becomes a star. However, the fame gets to his head and starts giving up the values that made him popular in the first place, and develops a personality more sinister and pathetic. 4.5/5

Outside the Law (2010) Bouchareb - Three brothers from Algeria are forced to move to France. One is jailed for political unrest. One comes back from the army and starts a family. The youngest makes his living through providing vices - namely prostitutes. The brothers end up at each others' throats based on where they place their identity (French or Algerian). All together this story is fine, but a little too close to a message movie. 3/5

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