Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Celluloid #65

In Theaters

Antichrist (2009) von Trier - I cannot really blame anyone for walking out of this movie. It’s disgusting in a way that I had to avert my eyes several times, containing legitimately shocking, potentially scarring scenes. Lars Von Trier also keeps up his ongoing theme of misogyny. In so many of his films, the women characters are tortured to incredible ends. This time around, for a while I thought that maybe the woman would finally get her revenge…and in a way she does, but not without reminding you how terrible/inherently evil ladies are. The first three chapters are incredibly slow. Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg are mourning the death of their child. She’s grieving and he’s a therapist in addition to being her husband, and comes off as arrogant in his pseudo-intellectual speak. THEN, the fox comes around and all hell breaks loose. You realize that the first three chapters have served to lull you into complacency before everything goes apeshit. I think this film is worth watching for how provocative and potentially thought provoking it is, but you should know what you are getting yourself into…I myself would rather watch this film because of its unique perspective than most films out there (and it makes a good conversation starting point), but its definitely viewing that would only appeal to a very small audience. 4/5

In Home

Romero (1989) Duigan - Raul Julia plays an archbishop in war torn El Salvador. He follows "Liberation Theology" which focuses on social justice and working with the impoverished. During the 1980s, El Salavador was suffering from widespread violence. Many left the country and many were killed, including priests. This film's release was important in informing and shaping public opinion in the United States, and as an indirect result, our government at least temporarily stopped supplying El Salavador with weapons. 3.5/5

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Ian Woolcott said...

I'm glad you've seen Antichrist so that I don't have to. I'm not brave enough, I guess. Apropos to your comments, check out the Stranger's illustrated comment of the week.