Saturday, November 14, 2009

Test Pattern #2

Time for another installment of television shows that I have been watching for the past few months!

Breaking Bad (Season 2) - Walter and Jesse are struggling to find a good way to distribute and sell their quality meth. Walter's wife is becoming increasingly more suspicious of how Walt is spending his free time. Meanwhile, their family is still coping with Walter's cancer in addition to a new baby. Jesse has had a rough time as a drug lord, but does have a love interest this season. Still my favorite drug dealers, and this season is even better than the first.

Dexter (Season 3) - Jimmy Smits plays Miguel, Dexter's adversary this season. (A huge improvement from Lila in Season 2). Miguel is a crooked lawyer that seems sympathetic to Dexter's activities and moral code. Also, Dexter's girlfriend Rita (one of the most boring characters on the show) becomes pregnant. 

Mad Men (Season 3) - This show has yet to really disappointment me. This 1960s are progressing, and it's even more clear that the ideals of the 50s will have to move aside. Marilyn Monroe and JFK both die, causing huge shake-ups. Don and Betty's marriage continues to crumble and Don's secret life is not as secret as it used to be. I miss Joan this season, but Peggy has really come into her own.

Oz (Seasons 1-6) - Jon and I devoured all six seasons of HBO's first hour-long drama in a matter of a couple months. The Oswald State Penitentiary resides in a fictional town in upstate New York. "Emerald City" is the experimental wing of the prison consisting of see-through cells and rehabilitation programs. The show was notorious for male nudity and graphic depiction of prison rape, but rapes happens on screen far less than you would believe. The philosophical monologues were quite annoying and heavy-handed, but eased up as the seasons progressed. Very rarely are any of the characters completely evil or good. I found myself rooting for several inmates even though they commit heinous acts on screen, and if I had to pick the most evil person on the show, it would have to be the governor.

True Blood (Season 2) - This season the town of Bon Temps, LA had to deal with far more supernatural entities than vampires and shapeshifters. The mystical stuff got a little ridiculous (but I think any viewer would have accepted the over-the-top style of this show by now), but a religious war between fundamentalists and vampires also contributed to the story lines. Eric is playing a larger role and Bill is not looking quite as moodily-attractive as he did first season. 

Guilty Pleasures

These shows are real guilty pleasures..things that I am semi-embarrassed to admit that I watch, but at the same time provide entertainment and I look forward to them even though I know they damage my perceived credibility..haha.

America's Next Top Model (Cycle 13) - I have not been a regular viewer of this show until last cycle. Cycle 13 tackles short (under 5'7" and under) models. The girls are always ridiculous and annoying (they usually are only 18 or 19), but I always find a favorite or two to root for. The photoshoots are usually pretty cool (except for the odd semi-racist hybrid ethnicity shoot...what were the writers thinking?) and I get sucked into the competition. I personally have no delusions about becoming a model (too old, too short-even for this season, and enjoy eating and drinking too much) but I still can't help but look forward to watching Tyra be totally out of control and griping about the bitchy girls, looking at the clothes, styling, and pictures. The finale for this cycle is this week, and my two favorites actually made it to the end.

the O.C. (Season 1) - Two friends in Portland, whose tastes I respect, and Ira Glass from This American Life have all watched the O.C., or at least the first season. I also have a thing for shows about teenagers, even those with predictable drama, so it's not a big surprise that I would enjoy this show. I grew up not too far from where it is supposed to take place, so I recognize that most of Orange County is nothing like the lifestyle portrayed in the show. The kids are spoiled and the adults have mostly forgotten how anyone but the upper class lives. However, Sandy, the surfer-lawyer husband-dad is totally likeable and takes in Ryan, and kid from Chino, starting off the premise of the show. I don't know if I will get through all four seasons, but for high school soap opera, this show hits the spot.

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