Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Celluloid #68

In Theaters

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009) Herzog - The trailer for this movie made it seem like the film was going to be totally ridiculous, and potentially terrible. You've got Nic Cage setting off red flags, Xzibit rolling around like a pimp, and what could have been a glorified "Law & Order" episode. That being said, this is like the craziest, druggiest, and most bizarro "Law & Order" that I have ever had the pleasure to watch. Nic Cage is totally over the top and out of his mind as the shady protagonist and I loved watching him and laughing more than I have in long time in the theater. Herzog doesn't fail to deliver his "adequate images" including nearly serenading iguanas, close-ups of crocodile roadkill, and a hilarious scene of someone's soul dancing. It's a campy, cop genre movie, and the plot itself could be fairly forgettable, but you will have a hard time not enjoying what appears on screen. 4.5/5

In Home

Cocaine Cowboys (2006) Corben - Whatever documentary about Miami. During the 1970s, the drug trade ran rampant, mainly due to a large unprotected coast. In the 1980s, things started getting ugly to the point where Miami became the most violent city in the United States. The documentary focuses a lot on how drug money pretty much built present-day Miami, and kept that city safe from recessions in the past. 2.5/5

Solo Con Tu Pareja (1991) Cuaron - A slutty yuppie dude goes around trying to sleep with as many ladies as possible. He hooks up with his nurse, but she quickly finds out about his scheming ways. As punishment, she alters his test results to make it seem like he's tested positive for AIDS. Meanwhile, he has legitimately fallen in love with his neighbor. 3.5/5

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